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Where Do We Go?

We will take you on an amazing ride in any of these locations: Naples, Fort Myers Beach, (Marco, Sanibel and Captiva Islands), Estero, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers. Our trollies are so kuku you won’t want to leave!

Entertainment Options

Progressive Restaurant Crawls (5-6 hour duration)

The progressive’s typically require 5 to 6 hours. We pick you up at the location of your choice (your community/property, clubhouse, activities center, home), etc. We make 3 stops throughout the evening. Our “First Stop” consists of Happy Hour and Appetizers, our “Second Stop” consists of Dinner and our “Third Stop” consists of Dessert/Dancing…then we head back home! It’s so simple, we take care of all of the reservations…of course, you can choose your desired restaurants/destinations or we can assist you with those choices contingent upon budgets, tastes and time constraints.

Here are 3 Examples of Progressive Restaurant Crawls:

Progressive Restaurant Crawl, NAPLES might include: STOP 1 “Pub” at the Mercato Plaza, STOP 2 “Bayside Restaurant” at the Venetian Villages, STOP 3 5th Avenue in downtown Naples (multiple choices…Jolly Cricket, Yabba’s, McCabes, etc.)

Progressive Restaurant Crawl, FORT MYERS BEACH might include: STOP 1 “Yuccatan’s”, STOP 2 “Nervous Nellies”, STOP 3 “Parrot Key” Restaurant.

Progressive Restaurant Crawl, SANIBEL ISLAND might include: STOP 1 “Jacaranda”, STOP 2 “Doc Ford’s”, STOP 3 “Bubble Room”

Pub Crawls (4, 5, or 6 hour duration)

We stop 4 times throughout the evening at locations of your choice! Have a cocktail or two, shake a leg, say “hello” to all (perhaps catch the sunset and play on the beach a bit) and move on to the next destination. We remain at each establishment for 45 minutes to 1 hour and then move on to our next spot. Oh, and if you are not from the area, we’ll gladly assist with your Pub selections based on your age and personal preferences. We always remain abreast of what’s happening around town!

Weddings (4 hour minimum)

Let us transport you and your friends to your rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony at the chapel/ beach/park, or reception. Or perhaps, you’d just like to arrange a “booze cruise/pub crawl” post-wedding celebration for all of your ku-ku friends once all the stress and PRESSURE of the event is over!

For $55.00 (flat fee), we wrap the brass poles in flowers, fill the cab with “I Do, Me Too” and “Just Married” Balloons, place large white “just married” bows on the windows for all to see, place “just married” magnetic lettering on two sides and back of the trolley, we go all out! The wedding photographers get just as excited as the bride, groom and wedding party. The pics are awesome!


What a hoot! Invite all of your friends. The trolley will be decorated and decked out to the max and your friends are sure to request more “ku-ku” trolley time….and that’s a promise!

Family / Class Reunions

We will greet you and your family or friends at the airport or destination of your choice! Never know, we’ll may even have a cooler on board with the beverages of your choice for that celebration toast you long awaited!


Whether a 50th or 1st anniversary…puttin’ on the Ritz, for certain. We can accommodate all special requests to make the event unforgettable!

Theme Parties

Jimmy Buffet Night, Roaring Twenties…no problem…we will accommodate almost any requests and work with you to pull these events off with true style!

Corporate Gatherings

Uuugh, those conventions and company meetings can be a bit dry and boring, but the “Ku-Ku Ku-Nu-Ku” can definitely add the flare you need to liven up that group and generate additional comradery and event excitement! Everyone will have so much FUN that they will be talking about it for month’s, even years to come!

Senior Socials

Let’s do lunch at the Olive Garden and then visit our favorite ice cream parlor! We are fully equipped to handle handicapped needs. Awe heck, invite your nurses…they even have a Ku-Ku fun time too! Give us your suggestions and we’re all over it! We will play music from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and take everyone back to the “good ole’ days”. You can’t help but sing along…

Airport Shuttles

Everyone’s flight is arriving at different times throughout the morning or evening? No problem, we’ll pick them up as their planes arrive and even have a cold brew waiting for them until we can gather the rest of your party!

Holiday Parties

Dress for the occasion, be it the New Year’s July 4th , Saint Patricks Day, Pirate Festival, Christmas Caroling, Halloween Costume Party…these dates are usually booked a year in advance…so hop on ‘em, okay?


Regarding All Events:

It is our preference to visit restaurants and bars that have live entertainment or reputable DJ’s…it just makes the evening more fun!

The trollies are equipped with an awesome sound system. Throughout the evening, you and your party can “sing-along” while we play whatever music YOU and YOUR PARTY prefer, i.e., Tropical, Oldies, Country, Rock and Roll, Top 40, Christmas, etc., OR bring your own personal ipod with pre-recorded playlists…we can handle those also!

You must remain seated in the “open air’ sections of the trollies but you are free to stand and “shake your booty” to the music inside the cab while holding on the one of our secured handstraps.

Upon boarding, we provided festive neckwear, silly hats, and noisemakers and the like to make the evening even more memorable and “ku-ku” fun! Who knows…you might even find yourself hula- hooping in a public place with your friends before the trip is over!

YOU’VE JUST GOT TO TRY IT! Oh, and don’t forget to bring your camera…you will get some pictures of of a lifetime! It’s just a Happy thing!

Everyone can get a little Ku-Ku and leave the driving to us!